Friday, September 24, 2010

Sideways Man in the Moon, Antibiotics, Black Leggings, and Footy Rivalry

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about how amazing the skyscape looked as I came into Melbourne a few days ago. I took a taxi from the airport because the next shuttle wasn't leaving for an hour and I was sick and exhausted. We drove for what seemed like forever, me in the backseat with my bags piled on top of me, watching the fare tick by, literally 10 cents each second. We came upon a bridge that was an overhang to the city, and all of sudden- there was Melbourne. Lots of large buildings laid out below a full moon that shown down from the sky, as if a spotlight announcing it's arrival in my life. In the full moon, the man's eyes were cockeyed, as if he was laying on his side, instead of greeting me sitting up as usual. I'm sure this is because I am in the southern hemisphere- I keep forgetting until something like this snaps me back to reality. I would have taken a picture, had I thought a camera could have adequately captured the scene. But moon pictures, no matter how grand and lustrous the scene was in real life, can never be fully captured in snaps. It always ends up being this small white dot in a picture and people wonder why you took it. So I left the picture in my mind, and you will all have to use your imaginations and hope it's close to what I experienced, haha.

Today was my doctor's appointment. I had a little trouble finding the place, mainly because I was still tired and struggling to breathe and not paying attention to what I was doing. I finally arrived, snotty, sweaty, coughing, early anyway because I thought the appointment was at 8:45, when it was actually 9:15. I filled some paperwork and spoke to the doctor. He asked if I was prone to lung infections. I explained the last few times I've gotten a simple cold, if it goes to my chest, it will stay there several months and become pneumonia if I don't do anything about it. He checked me temp, my pulse, and listened to my breathing. He said I didn't have a fever, but I did have an infection in my left lung, and he would prescribe me some antibiotics to take. He gave me enough for 10 days and told me if I wasn't feeling better after the first 5, to fill the next 5. I then paid (only $60) and asked directions to the nearest pharmacy. I spent some time in town eating and shopping while I waited for the prescription to be filled. I then went back to my room and ended up napping for about 2 hours. Maybe it's the placebo effect, but I felt a little better when I awoke. I decided I needed to get out again- I wanted some leggings (I have so not fit in not having a single pair here in Australia) and I lost my sunnies (sunglasses) in the airport on the way to Melbourne the other day. One of the ladies in the shops actually thought I was an Aussie (I have been answering people in one or two word answers, using as much of an Australian accent as possible, haha). She noticed that the transaction was converting into USD, and she looked at me. "But I didn't notice you had an accent!" she said. I laughed, and said, "I try to hide it when I can." She said she liked American accents, and that she had noticed my card had my picture on it, and she didn't think Aussies had cards like that. So I finally got confused for an Aussie!
I finished shopping, and officially giving up on my "no American chain" pledge (now I guess my goal is to conduct quality control and make sure that they have the same standards as America- so far, every place I've gone, it's actually better here), I went to Mackers again (there is always one like 10 steps from where I'm staying, they're evil, I tell ya!). So now I'm back in my room. I noticed a huge difference between America's Deal or No Deal and Aussie's- America's is dealing with much, much more cash than Aussie's. The highest amount is 200,000. In America, it's 1,000,000, and lately, they've been having games that have like 13 chances of picking 1,000,000. Anyway, just noticed.

Tomorrow night is grand final in footy, as I explained yesterday. It's Collingwood Magpies vs. St. Kilda Saints. I am actually staying in St. Kilda, and they are the underdogs it seems, so I want to pull for them.

I'm not sure where my friends from Melbourne allegiance lies, but to give you an idea of the feeling around here, it's like it is the National Championship in basketball, and the teams playing are Dook and UNC (Ohhhh, it's my dream!). It's like what is going down here, since these are both Melbourne teams, and there is a close rivalry. I don't know how to be cheering, I will probably just be taking it all in.

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