Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Aussie Ebola and My Scheduled Exorcism...

I think I finally have all my blog posts up to date, so yes, this is the actual blog for September 23rd, all the other ones are lying. I am in Melbourne, in a private room (with a TV and private bath), desperately fighting off this Aussie Ebola or whatever I have caught. I called several medical centers within walking distance of my hostel this morning, hoping for an opening. No one had availability today, but I have an appointment first thing in the morning down the street. Let's all cross our fingers he or she will prescibe me something stronger than the herbal fluff I've been taking!

I did the laundry (from Brisbane) this morning, then ran out to get lunch/ dinner. I really hate I am not feeling well. My neighborhood looks very interesting and very close to the shoreline. I may have some pics for you later this week, if I can get exorcised tomorrow morning and continue to be a normal human being. Also, I can't believe I was here when the original crocodile hunter, Malcolm Douglas, died. He died this morning in Western Australia. And he died, like Steve Irwin, not like everyone would expect, which would be fooling around with crocodiles. He died when his car was run into a tree. I don't think he was yet 70. I'm also in the middle of footy fever. The two Melbourne footy teams are playing in the Grand Final here in Melbourne, and everyone is excited and drinking and getting ready for it, and I am struggling to breathe. But hopefully I will be feeling better soon. My Melbourne girls have proposed dinner for Saturday, so I am shooting to get feeling better by Saturday evening. I am being kicked out of my private room on Saturday morning for more important footy fans to stay here, but have been told if I am still feeling horribly, I can move back in Sunday, haha. Also, more good news, my ear finally popped from yesterday's flight! So, since I do not have so much experience flying, I did not realize, or probably didn't even think about, the fact that the pressurization during the descent would be affected by being sick and stuffed up. My ears seemed like they were going to explode, and my sinus area was burning, it was actually kind of scary. My right ear never popped yesterday, so all afternoon and evening, I only had hearing out of my left ear. But yay, it just popped a minute ago, things are looking up! Also, one last random thing- I think I could fly every day if I could listen to Russell Brand's radio show. They have been playing clips on one of the stations I listen to. Yes, he's a big mouth,and a kind of a rough character (find me someone in Hollywood that isn't) but that cockney accent he has is infinitely entertaining to me (and he's has lived through some rough stuff, Wikipedia him). I've heard the same little clip 3 times on three different flights, and it's the accent that makes me chuckle everytime, I love it!

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