Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missed Tours, Housekeeping and Retainers, Booked Up Opal Oasises, and Free Sausages..

Ooooops... so my day started in quite an interesting way. I had earplugs in and thought I heard the distinct sound of someone knocking on my door. Twice. But I was in the stage between sleep and wake, and wasn't too concerned because I didn't see open flame, so I passed it off as being someone knocking on one of the door on either side of me and returned to dreamland. Fast forward to around 9 am, and I shot up suddenly in bed. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach about the tour I had scheduled for tomorrow- that was the knock at the door for my tour, it was scheduled for today! I quickly turned on my computer- I was right. I had scheduled it for the 30th, tomorrow, even having to make the change several times during the booking (the computer kept changing it to the 29th), but I hadn't checked the confirmation closely enough. It was scheduled for today. To be fair, they didn't send me the true confirmation voucher until last night at 9:30, so I didn't see it until this morning (I am supposed to have a printed copy of this to present when picked up). So today, I have been trying to see if I can reschedule tomorrow or sometime a week from now when I am back in Melbourne. The tour wasn't cheap, and I doubt I will be allowed to reschedule at no charge, but I did really want to go on this tour, and I guess I would be willing to pay double for it (of course, I would prefer not to, but if there is no way around it, I do want to experience the Great Ocean Road).

I decided not to let it ruin my day, so I got up, got ready, and set out in the opposite direction on Carlisle Street. I walked into town. As I walked, I began to notice something very distinct about the majority of the town people around me- they were Jewish! I knew this because of the yamakas on almost every head, the distinct dress and hairstyles, and the fact that many of them were speaking a completely different language- Hebrew or Yiddish or something, I don't know enough about it to tell you for certain. I began looking around- Kosher Bakeries, Kosher Butchers, "Jerusalem Gifts," all around the shops told the story too. It was really cool- I walked right into a micro-community without even realizing it.

I picked up some cheap post cards and followed a sign that said I would be going to the St. Kilda Botanical Gardens. I found a nice place in the sun and wrote some post cards, then strolled around the length of the gardens. Continued my journey back to the grasses around Luna Park, and decided to stop for lunch. I got some Singapore Noodles (it's official, I'm addicted) and a Coke Zero. After consuming a half pound of noodles, I thought it was time for those siestas I have become so fond of. I walked back to my room and discovered the housekeeping had been in. They have been dying to re-sheet my bed all week (I don't know why), but each day when they've tried, I have been in bed sick. So I guess today they got their chance. I looked around to make sure everything was where I left it. They had given me new towels too and cleaned my bathroom. But my toiletries were missing... I looked around, and finally discovered them hanging under my towel. They had zipped up the bag and hung it on the hook. I turned around and discovered- my retainer! They had for some reason moved my retainer and set it on the top of my lamp beside my bed. I felt confused and kind of violated- why would anyone want to touch my retainer? And why move it to the top of the lamp? I quickly returned my retainer to the ledge above the sink, righting the wrong. I spent the rest of my afternoon on the phone or the internet. It turns out that I will have to completely re-book the Great Ocean Road tour since they held my seat. I hope my empty seat enjoyed it's day.

I also found out my room at the Underground Hotel is booked for the day I wanted to arrive. I only had to push it back by one day, but it just seems to fit in with the theme of the day. I also sent an email to a contact I have in Adelaide that offered me a place to stay a while back. Hopefully, the offer still stands, because I am bleeding money. I will still have plenty for the rest of the trip, I just seem to be spending large amounts at an alarming rate. Before the trip, I probably had never spent more than a couple hundred dollars in one day. Now, having to book planes and tours and things, and doing it all at one time, I am spending much more, and it freaks me out. I'm trying to decide if I should go to Coober Pedy by plane or Greyhound. The only advantage of Greyhound is it is cheaper by a couple hundred round trip. The plane has a better flight times (Greyhound I arrive in Coober Pedy at 5:30am, and cannot check in until 2pm), and the flight is of course shorter (a few hours as opposed to an overnight drive). I suppose I will book next week, I can't think about spending more money today. I did manage a free dinner tonight, my hostel is having it's weekly free BBQ, so I didn't have to pay for my food tonight- yay! I have lots of fun stuff in Tassey booked for next week, and now I am checking and double checking to make sure I know what days are what. Tomorrow I will probably sleep in again, and then pick a different direction to walk in. I may accomplish more by having some general goal, but I like just wandering too, and I will have plenty of goals next week.

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