Wednesday, September 15, 2010


For the first time on my trip, I felt lonely today. I don't know if it's the fact that I was going on 3 hours of sleep, that I spoke to my parents this morning, or that I have been gone about a week now (maybe all three), but it crept up on me this afternoon packing my bag for Brisbane. I felt the horrible sinking, sad feeling in my stomach. It was inevitable, I think, and even when I go sit in the lounge with about 20 people around me, it was still there. I haven't met single other American yet, which might also be aiding the feeling, and I've watched the 6 girls I bonded with leave yesterday, and the 3 Scottish guys, who were more familiar to me than really bonded, leave this morning. And I will be leaving the familiar hostel faces tomorrow- Jessica, who first took the step to talk to me when I was clearly by myself in Coogee, and Mario and Sam, who I've spent a couple nights in the past week partying with. It's not like we are all big buddies or anything, but I have been living under the same roof with these people for a week, and it's a strange feeling to be moving on. I know I will probably feel the exact same way in the new hostel and the one after that, it is an inevitable thing though. I took a break from packing and had a good cry, which actually made the feeling go away. Sometimes I think crying can have that affect, maybe that's why it's ingrained in us to cry when we have this feeling. Don't worry about me though, this is a normal occurrence in this type of situation. And it's not something I won't be able to overcome by tomorrow, it's just something that was bound to happen, and may happen several more times throughout the trip. But writing about it a little helps too. I will talk to you all again in Brisbane.

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