Thursday, September 23, 2010


September 19: Today I am officially sick. I got up this morning with plans to Skype my parents and grandparents at 8am. I was drenched in sweat, I was having chills and fever, and continually coughing. They suggested I move to a hotel where I could have some privacy to recuperate and just sleep and watch TV. After doing some research, I couldn't find prices or locations I was happy with. It occurred to me to just move to a private room within my hostel. I wouldn't have a TV, but I would at least be by myself, on a bottom bunk, where I wouldn't have to be climbing up and down. I asked the receptionist (I had been harassing her all morning for sets and replacement sets of headphones for skype and Internet time, I know she was like "what now?") if there was an open private room that I could move to. I explained that I was very sick and wanted to have some privacy to recuperate. There was no double room available, but she offered to give me a four bed room, that would be the same price. And I wouldn't have to eat the nights I had already purchased, just pay the difference. I paid and went to my new room. I was glorious and spacious and... HAD A TV!!! But did it work? I pushed the button, expecting nothing, but was surprised to hear the high pitched sounds of a TV starting up and a picture appear. Success! Yes, there were only 5 channels, but they were all clear, and I would have something to do while coughing my brains out. I went to my old room to retrieve my things, all my roommates still asleep because they had gone out the night before when I was sick. I pulled the bags off my bunk and my sheets. I dragged my bags upstairs to my new room, then gave the sheets to the front desk. I decided to go to the transit center pharmacy and get some drugs, plus I was starving and hadn't eaten yet. I caught the 11am shuttle after a shower and arrived to find that the pharmacy was closed- it was Sunday. Starving and now upset, I decided to break my rule- I got McDonalds. I had been craving Bojangles for a could of days, so this McDonalds didn't hit the spot, but it was an attempt to soothe. I caught the noon shuttle back to the hostel, without medicine. I spent the next 5 or so hours in a combination of sleep, coughing, and throwing up twice (from coughing too much), which I guess almost negates my rule breaking, haha. Realizing it was getting late, I pulled myself together enough to venture out in search of a pharmacy in my area. Reception (thank goodness, a new girl) didn't have much confidence that a pharmacy would still be open at 5pm, but gave me directions to a Coles farther down the street if it wasn't. I trudged through the streets, trying not to look like I was dying as not to be an easy target, and located the pharmacy. Closed. I turned right at the light as instructed and continued on. I found myself in the middle of a festival. It was the Brisbane festival, which I didn't realize even occurred at this side of the river, but forced my way on through the crowd, on a mission for some powerful medicine. I finally asked someone directing traffic for the festival. He directed me to the other side of the bank, completely invisible, and there is no way I would have found it without asking. I went in, fearing it was closed too, and eventually after going through twisted hallways, found it. I located the medicine aisle and began scanning for powerful medicine with warnings about not driving heavy machinery when using. To my utter dismay, all the medicine sounded herbal and was non-drowsy. Where is my high octane, knock me the hell out, NyQuil? I find someone who works there and ask if there is any other this medicine that would make you drowsy. "I'm sorry?" she asked, not understanding why I would want this I suppose. "I am having trouble sleeping with my cough, so I want medicine that will, you know, knock me out." She looked kind of startled, and explained there were sleep aides on another aisle, but they were all herbal. She offered a box that was both day and night formula. "This won't make you drowsy, but it won't keep you awake either," she said. I thanked her, disappointed, and took my wimpy, herbal cough suppressant to check out. Ok Australia, what's the deal? I want warnings on my medicine about liver damage and not driving heavy machinery while taking, not medicine where the ingredients are white willow bark, horseradish, garlic, and zinc?!? Come on! Anyway, I popped one immediately, praying for some relief. I was exhausted, and not sure I wanted to walk all the way home. I stopped in a deserted restaurant to order Singapore noodles and hot and sour soup (I could live completely off Asian and Mexican foods, I swear) and began considering taking a cab home. Once my food was ready, I saw one nearby and snagged it. The cabby asked if I was Canadian or American, I said American. He even claimed to know where North Carolina was and asked if we were affected by the oil spill. I explained that was more the gulf coast. It was a short ride, costing six bucks, but worth every penny since I didn't have to drudge my way home. I got in, running into some of my former roommates, and explained I was still very under the weather. I purchased a ton of drinks and filled my water bottle up, not wanting to leave my room again until morning. I devoured my noodles (they were glorious) and fueled up on liquids. Maybe the herbs worked a little, but I was still coughing a lot, and still had a fever because I was sweating continuously. I watched their equivalent of a 60 minutes type of show, then X Factor, their American Idol. I just took a night pill, its purplish instead of yellow, and smells sweeter. You're supposed to take it an hour "before your retire," so I figured it was a good time. I was planning on going to the Koala Sanctuary tomorrow, but seeing as I am still dripping from my nose and every pore on my body and coughing continuously, I may postpone it. Also, they are calling for more rain tomorrow than on Tuesday, so I will just go my last day in Brisbane. Tomorrow I will wash clothes, and maybe venture to the library for free internet if I really start feeling better. Anyway, I will now I try to sleep un-Nyquiled up. I swear, if I ever do end up moving here, I would have to have that stuff shipped in my the case. It is a necessity when I am sick. I neeeeeeeed it.

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