Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Various Seals, Various Rocks, Various Bad Sweaters

I went today on the highlights tour of the island. I got up around 7am, my roommates alarm went off or phone rang at 6am, so I had been semi awake since then. She was still in bed asleep. I got ready and headed out, planning on picking up something for breakfast. I happened upon a grocery type store, so I went there to get stuff for dinner. I ended up getting frozen pizza, yogurt, and bananas. I went down the street to a bakery and got a ham and cheese scone and a muffin for the next day. I returned to the Backpackers and was picked up by the bus. He drove us to the airport to get some more people, then we went to a Eucalyptus Distillery. The highlight of this was a baby orphan kangaroo. It was adorable. We wandered around the distillery, watched a video on how distilling eucalyptus actually works, then I bought a tube of eucalyptus lip balm. We went up to the road to meet our coach. This was one of those mega-buses that I have been able to avoid until this point. I think I will continue to avoid them when possible. I mean, it wasn't horrible, but a lot of time was spent waiting for the old people sitting at the front of the bus deciding when they were going to get off the bus. I had to sit in the back since we were the last group to join. It was mainly old people and couples, ranging from the annoying young ones to the middle aged ones in bad sweaters (seriously, at least one person in each middle aged couple had a bad sweater. I can't understand bad sweater, and sweaters in general on this day were kind of inexcusable. A light jacket in the morning would have sufficed. I was peeling down to my tank top by the afternoon, and lots of middle aged couples were stank since they had their bad, sweat-soaked sweaters.) Anyway, we saw two different seal colonies throughout the day, and saw a bird of prey show, but the highlight was definitely the Remarkable Rocks. I am a bit of a geology nerd anyway, always have been, so crazy rock formations are still a little more exciting to me than the average person. And these, well they have a very appropriate name. We spent about an hour there, fighting over prime locations for photo ops, before finally giving up and taking pictures that contain random strangers posing with the rocks (I tell myself it's to provide size reference). Another thing to note is the crazy bush on that island. They also have big problems with wild fires, but everything has grown back quickly and thick. It seems impossible when looking over the expanse of twisted, mangled, low growing, interlocking bush to imagine being early explorers trying to make their way through. It makes sense now when I read things about them only covered about 5 km a day. We were driven back to our meeting places in Kingscote and I was dropped off at the backpackers. I walked around town a little more before dinner. I found the oceanfront, and discovered a public swimming pool made in the water edge. The safety sign had the normal rules like "no running," then some inexplicable ones like "no putting animals in the water, especially sharks" and "no setting fires." These are things I would usually assume would go without saying. Of course, as a lifeguard, I feel that way about running too I guess. Tomorrow I fly back to Adelaide and will be there overnight before heading off to Coober Pedy!

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