Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Projectile Vomit at 30,000 feet

I wasn't feeling well the day I checked out of the Underground hotel. My stomach had been a little off for a couple of days, but I figured I would be able to make it to Perth and take it easy a few days. I got up, checked out, ran some errands around Coober Pedy with my free car, then Donna from the hotel took me to the airport around 1pm. The flight to Adelaide was uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn't handle. I had a few hours to kill in the airport before my flight to Perth, so I found a chemist and bought some medicine for my stomach, hoping it might have some effect. I was still feeling really awful when I got on the plane, and considered staying in Adelaide overnight and rescheduling my flight. But I knew this would cost me money, and I would also lose money on my hostel already booked in Perth, so I decided to man up and deal with it. I knew when I confirmed the flight, it looked like I had a whole row to myself, so maybe I would be able to stretch out and lay down. As the plane filled up, I was quickly losing hope. Soon, two ladies arrived and piled in with me into the row. I almost explained to them that I was sick, and that they might need to jump up quickly, or give me the aisle, but I didn't. I sat, with my eyes closed, trying to will the plane faster through the sky. I kept feeling worse and worse. I reached into the seat pocket and brought out a bag. But I was too late. I puked all over my window. The girl in front of me with her seat leaned back, not minding to take up all that space, was suddenly very willing to give me that space back as her seat shot up. I had my earplugs in, so as I threw up into the bag, all I heard was me, and nothing else. I turned to the ladies and apologized, they told me they had hit the call button for the attendant. To spare you the gory details, I was covered. The flight attendant threw out my sweater, confusing it for a blanket, but it might have been beyond saving anyway. I took the walk of shame past everyone in the plane and cleaned up in the bathroom the best I could. When I came out, I didn't want to go back to my seat. I knew the attendants wouldn't let me stand back there with them, but I knew everyone was watching me. One flight attendant was particularly perturbed with having to attend to me. She told me if I was feeling bad, I should have rescheduled my flight. It was a little late for that, I supposed. She asked what I needed, I said ginger ale and she gave me water too. I took it back to my seat and sipped it slowly. They had reseated the other two ladies at my request, so I did end up having a row to myself! They were passing around that peppermint smelling stuff to the rows around me, to distract the passengers from the nice perfume I had created. About 30 minutes later, I was feeling ill again. I got up and went back to the bathroom. The flight attendant had told me she locked one bathroom for me and to tell her and she would unlock it, but the drink cart was in front of it and she was bent over doing something, so I went into the bathroom I had already been in. I was sick again, and when I came out, she scolded me for not using my designated stall. I explained that I needed it quicker than she could have provided it, but didn't feel like dealing with it and apologized too. I sat back down and slept a while, my head slumped against the seat in front of me. They served dinner, and I did my best not to get sick smelling all the food. They gave me a popsicle, which I managed to keep down. We finally landed, I lugged all my bags and called my hostel to see if I could get a private room, 'cause, ya know, I wasn't too keen on throwing up in front of any more people tonight. They did have one and they said I could still catch a $15 shuttle instead of taking a $50 cab. I missed the 9pm shuttle by 15 minutes, so I called my parents and told them about my horrible day and bought a bunch of drinks to take to the hostel to begin my rehydration. The shuttle took FOREVER. They couldn't wait for me at 9:15, but we had to wait for every old lady and young, confused, non-English speaking traveler at 10:15pm. I was reeking of vomit and dead tired. I was finally dropped out front of my hostel at 11pm. I checked in, showered, and collapsed into my bed. I managed to not get sick through the night, and have taken a few days to recuperate, not doing anything but sleeping and occasionally venturing out for fluids and white colored foods.

*No pics for this one, believe me, you wouldn't want to see them.*

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