Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kangaroo STEAK!

I went to Hahndorf today with Sarah and Marie. Hahndorf is Australia's oldest German town. We had lunch at a restaurant and I had KANGAROO! They suggested I order it medium rare, which is usually a little rare for my tastes, but they said it tends to get tough when cooked too long. It was perfect though, and very lean. It reminded me of a lean steak. I ate everything but one very raw bit. We then walked around and explored the town, going into the shops, wishing we had an infinite supply of money in order to buy the lovely things we saw. We went into a shop that was a particularly weird experience. It was a Lavender shop, everything was lavender. The color, the smell, they had lavender soaps, lavender clothes, lavender food. And the woman was lavender too! She was soft spoken, wearing a lavender shirt, and handing out lavender mints. She talked to us about travel and invited me to visit their lavender farm during my Barossa valley tour the next day. After Hahndorf, we went to watch Sam and Marie play volleyball again. God, I miss volleyball.

Clean Plate!!

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