Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long Night in Germany

So it's official, I hate all three of my roommates.

There was passive aggressive German warfare going on last night in my room, and I was caught in the middle. The nameless German, mostly because I haven't asked and she's unfriendly, announced she was going to bed because she had work in the morning. This didn't change the other girls actions at all. They continued talking in German with all the lights on, planning their trip. This caused Nameless to roll about violently occasionally on her top bunk. She would jump down from time to time and drink loudly from her water and throw things around the room. When the others were out of the room temporarily, she jumped down loudly, shut the door, and turned the light off. They came back in and turned it right back on. She pretended to not know how to fix the AC, which one of the other girls had turned off earlier, but later on had no trouble, I guess once she got warm. We finally got everyone in bed around midnight, and I ended up sleeping maybe 3 hours because the AC wasn't allowed to be on but intermittently, as warranted by the tiniest, most cold prone one in the room. She even turned it off this morning when I turned it back on once Loud Nameless left. And Nameless let her alarm go off about 7 times between 6 am and 6:30. She then got up, opened all the curtains, and made as much noise as possible getting ready for work- her revenge. So I sweated all night until I decided at 7:30 am when Nameless left that I would check and see if I could afford to move into a private room here. I booted up my computer and saw that they were about $60 a night. Better than some, but I think I will try to tough it out, at least another night. Then I checked my balance and was shocked to see it was overdrawn! They had charged my card last night for the rooms, even though he said we'd do it today! So he put it on the card I wasn't planning on using, resulting in an overdraft. I'm not sure if I will get charged for it or not, but I just feel like crying. It's a combination of no sleep, being hot, and having no patience left for sleeping in rooms with selfish brats. I think I will wait until everyone leaves, then turn my air on and go back to sleep. Oh, and did I mention one of the Germans talks in her sleep. She shouted something in German at one point. Why did I leave Broome?

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